The enterprise

Jamos was founded on 8 April 1980 in Velbert, central Germany. Today, we are employ chip-forming processes to manufacture complex geometries as individual components, prototypes and short production runs up to 500 units in all metals – where we pride ourselves on our ability to adhere to delivery dates, quality, service and costs.

In 2001, R. WOESTE & Co. took over the company as part of the successor agreement. In line with Gerrit Woeste's philosophy that "continuity assumes the presence of adaptability", Jamos experienced rapid expansion, as evidenced by investment in new machines, extension of the product range, implementation of DIN ISO 9000 and an expansion and further training of our staff.

Today, we manufacture a wide range of high-quality, safety-relevant components for industrial fittings, mechanical engineering and the automotive sector. With state-of-the-art machining facilities and equipment, employees that understand their business, regularly adopt up-to-date requirements and are given further training in new technical developments, we are well positioned to face the challenges of the future.

Our quality management
Quality and system dependability must be verifiable. This is why we decided to have our high internal quality standards verified by an external authority and are now certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. In addition, we place great store by selecting our suppliers with the utmost care. The materials used in all our components (for pressure vessels) are subject to the AD2000 Pressure Equipment standard. Auditing raw part suppliers on-site to verify their certificates and permits is an essential part of our quality management system.

Our philosophy
Our customers' satisfaction is the yardstick by which we measure our success. We feel obliged to ensure partner-like relations with our customers, suppliers and employees in a long-term, constructive arrangement. Well qualified, motivated staff (and suppliers) are the foundations for this approach. In our dealings with each other we feel socially acceptable behaviour is crucial, and that it is essential to respect each other's religion, cultural background and heritage. Our aim is to continue to develop and improve our services.