Stellite® is a registered trademark of Kennametal Stellite for a hard alloy based on cobalt-chromium. Today, this is classed as a non-ferrous alloy, although there is a form of Stellite from the 1950s that has as much as 20% volume fraction of iron.

Depending on the field of application, Stellite contains a proportion of chromium, tungsten, nickel, molybdenum and carbon, which generates carbides and has a significant influence on the alloy's properties. The main feature of Stellite is its high resistance to wear & tear, such as corrosion or abrasion, which is retained even at high temperatures, which makes these metals very difficult to machine.

Stellite is a preferred choice for components that are subjected to high levels of wear & tear. This includes cutting tools, the guide bars for chainsaw blades, linings for gun barrels, parts for turbochargers, valve seats (valves in internal combustion and diesel engines) and marine diesel engine reinforcement. Further applications are in the fields of power generation (turbines), in food processing, oil and gas extraction, the glass industry, as metallic valve seats for fittings, in petrochemicals and the chemicals industry, in machine and plant engineering.